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About us

Mongema LLC was established in 2001 and has grown to become the leading meat producer in the country. Our Abattoir is fully equipped with German technology. We have over 20 years of experience exporting high quality meat and meat products to foreign markets such as Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Kazakhstan etc. Our Abattoir has introduced HACCP standard in our operation and is also approved by the Muslim Association of Mongolia. We are dedicated to bring you the tasty Mongolian meat. 


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Mongolia is well known for its wilderness and nature. As a country with the lowest population density and as the 18th largest in the world by the land the Mongolian meat could probably be the highest quality meat in the world. Mongolian animals are raised by nomadic families living in the countryside, in nature who moves seasonally (four times a year), area to area where there is abundant growth of grass and flowers to feed the animals. Natural rivers, creeks and streams often becomes the source of water for these animals, which is fresh and rich in minerals. The temperature difference of 80 degrees Celsius between the summer and the winter freshens and clears out any impurities, parasytes and other sources of infectious diseases in nature adding to the flavor of the Mongolian Meat. These animals are food for not only us but its their favorite for the Mongolian wild wolves too.

What We Produce

lamb & mutton

 - frozen or chilled 5, 6 way cuts or carcasses

/with or without bones/



 - frozen/chilled beef half-carcasses and quarters,